Virtual Walk

Do you want to help in the fight against obesity but can’t join us for the Walk in October? Not a problem!

If you are unable to participate in-person on October 19th, 2019, you can still help make a difference by registering as a VIRTUAL STRIDER.  A Virtual Strider is anyone unable to participate as a physical strider on the event day, but who would like to commit to raising awareness about obesity. It is only $45 to register to become a Virtual Strider with no minimum fundraising requirement (though any fundraising is always appreciated).

The fight against obesity is not just a day event. It’s a community fight nationwide, one that requires us to change our current mindsets and commit to giving respect and understanding, breaking the stigma and provide better healthcare services that let anyone in Canada be part of our quest to change the way we treat obesity in our current society. No matter where you are in Canada you can help change the story, change the outcome of how we see and treat obesity.

Joining Strides for Obesity as a virtual strider can help prove to others that obesity is worth fighting for whether that you may be from the east coast, the west coast or anywhere in between!


Register as a virtual strider by September 22th, 2019 

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