About Obesity

Obesity is an Epidemic

In 2017, 28.2% of Canadian adults were obese, twice as high than in 1978-79 with a rate of 13.8%.

Canada is ranked as the 22nd highest obese country out of 195 countries.

Around 7 million Canadian adults are obese.

1 in 4 Canadian adults have obesity,

1 in 10 Canadian children have clinical obesity.

Only 40 Canadian doctors out of 85,000 have a certification in obesity management.

A 2010 report estimated that direct costs of overweight and obesity represented $6 billion.

20% of premature deaths that occur in Canadian adults are estimated to be directly attributable to obesity.

Bariatric surgery is available to only 1 in 183 of adult Canadians per year.

Bariatric surgery is only available  to 1 in 1,312 in Nova Scotia.

There are only 113 surgeons in 33 centres where bariatric surgery is performed.

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