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Strider Stories

There are so many reasons to stride in this year's Strides for Obesity event, what is your story?

Maureen Hirschfeld
Katie MacEachern
Stan Sarty
Jenna-Leigh Dawe
IMG_7346 copy.jpg
Patti Dunn


Personal stories are the key to showing the impact

If you live with Obesity - or close to someone living with the disease - your story can help to demonstrate the impact the disease has on the lives of children, adults, their families, relationships, and their futures.

Visit our social media pages, particularly Facebook, to share your stories or email us and let us know how you would like us to share it. It could be on our website, through an email to our participants, on our social media, or maybe you just want us to share your story with the world anonymously.


Whatever it may be, we respect that it's your voice, your story, and we want you to be heard.


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