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Register for the VIRTUAL CHALLENGE:

STEP 1: Go to (now closed)


STEP 2:  Create an account.

NOTE: Returning 2019 Striders:  your account is still active and you can use it to log in.


STEP 3: Create your Page.

Enter your Fundraising target by deleting the current number that is shown and replace it with the fundraising target you set for yourself. (Don't worry, you can go back and change it later if you want). Then click NEXT STEP or SKIP and do later.


STEP 4: Team details

There are a few options:

Create a team- Make sure the button Create a Team is highlighted and enter a Team Name you want and enter fundraising goal for the Team Fundraising and click NEXT STEP.

Join a Team- Make sure the button Join a Team is highlighted and enter the name of the team you want to join.

If you don't remember the team name, try a few letters and hit enter to see if it will pop up. Otherwise just hit Skip and join by finding the team after you finish registering.

Stride Solo- Hit the SKIP button on the bottom


STEP 5: Kickstart your personal fundraising, choose an amount shown or enter a different  amount

or, if not at this time, hit no thanks at the bottom.

YOUR IN! Your Challenge AWAITS!!!


NOTE: you will be sent an email with your login URL, username and password. Check your email junk file if you don't receive it right away. It will be from the QE2 Foundation.

For help with more options such as personalizing your page, see Help with

Tracking for the VIRTUAL CHALLENGE:


Start logging your KM or steps (optional but encouraged


Now that you are registered for Strides for Obesity 2020, you can start logging* your striding and the challenge is to complete whatever distance you decide is best for you.


It can be 1KM or 100KM, or 100 steps per day or 10,000, it is entirely up to you! Everyone has different capabilities and that is okay!  We feel you are the best one to set your goal for the distance you want to achieve. 

You will have between Thursday, September 17 and  Saturday, October 17/20 to complete the challenge (by you can you get ahead start on your fundraising and start TODAY!)

*Once you are logged in, click your name in the upper right corner and click My Physical Activity (the sixth item on the list).  You can add any of the listed preferred apps or you can add your physical activity manually.

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